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About Fair Trade

Today's consumers don't live in a bubble. We know our iPads come from China, our raspberries from Chile, and our T-shirts from Bangladesh. And when we are honest with ourselves, we know that the people working to produce these products often are subjected to unjust wages and conditions. These injustices continue to exist because we don't have the time or the resources to trace the supply chain for every purchase we make.

Fair Trade makes it easy. Buying Fair Trade products means that you can be sure that the individuals producing your goods are paid and treated fairly, instead of exploited. You'll know that your new handbag is not the result of forced child labor, and that your child's toy did not come from a factory that endangers its workers. Instead, by ensuring that people are paid fairly for their work, you are helping them send their children to school, afford medical care, and strengthen their communities.

Fair Trade empowers you to make an informed choice about your purchases and your role in the global economy. Every day, more consumers are choosing to buy Fair Trade, supporting dignity and justice for all people.

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