Handcrafting quality Fair Trade products around the world

Our artisans are talented women and men in the developing world who often face similar challenges to their well-being: unstable governments, poor infrastructure, civil unrest, and prejudice due to minority status. Women tend to bear the harshest burdens in such situations, and thus, about 80% of the artisans at our worksites are women, and 20% are men.

In addition to providing safe, clean worksites and steady income streams, many of our 50 centers offer social services including education, childcare, nutritional information, and more. As a result, rather than being defeated, determined artisans take advantage of this practical and inspiring path to improve the lives of their families.

Artisans at each site incorporate cultural traditions into their work, creating beautiful products praised for their high quality and distinctive expression. Learn more about the lives and handcrafts of our artisans in each country.