Why Get Involved?

HCJ thrives as a nonprofit because of the generous volunteers, interns, and supporters that contribute their time and talent to the organization. Without them, we would not be able to empower as many women as we do. Learn more about why getting involved with HCJ and the fair trade movement is a great way to fight poverty and empower women around the world.
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Host a Fair Trade Sale in Your Community

HandCrafting Justice offers the opportunity to host fair trade sales in your community to spread the word about the movement, volunteer, or raise money for related causes.

There are two ways to host a sale:

  • As a volunteer for HCJ
  • As a fundraiser for your nonprofit or religious organization

 Learn more about the various sale options here.
Learn more about fair trade sales

Volunteer Locally

Located in NYC, HCJ has many opportunities to volunteer locally in the tri-state area. Whether it's helping out at sales, coming into our offices, or doing outreach and education, HandCrafting Justice is helped tremendously by the generosity of our local community. Read more about these opportunities here.

Employment Opportunies?

Join our team! HandCrafting Justice offers various employment, intern, and professional volunteering opportunities. Work with HCJ.
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